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Hi folks, hope the new year has been good to you all so far!

The little NYE soiree at J9's is probably best not gone into... my predictions for out-of-handedness turned out to be even worse than I had imagined. But I managed to get home alive with only a few mysterious bruises and a vague recollection of walking over to the gladesville bridge and getting the most awesome view of the fireworks ever.

So in the time between then and now I've seen The Incredibles and Meet the Fockers, been stereo shopping with my sister and discovered the joys of antique shopping with Leah. You can find the best jewellery in those places!

I only have one resolution this year and that is to run in the City to Surf.

So yeah.

Oh, and before the whole NYE affair we went to the ol' Hoey for the FBI fund-raiser were we saw tim of bizza and The Reservations noteriety rockin' the keyboards and such, as well as The Devoted Few, who were excellent and a couple of other bands who were... thought provoking....

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