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This week has been ever so leisurely. Saw a couple of movies. I Heart Huckabees for one. (Sorry I don't know how to conjure up that little HEART symbol like all the rest of you.) Still trying to figure out if it's all little joins, or all little cracks. All I hope is that Jude Law is hiding somewhere under my blanket :P

Also saw Spongebob Squarepants which is just one big postmodern joyride through cartoon heaven. It wouldn't suprise me in the least if someone told me that The Flaming Lips had written the entire film script as well as that song on the soundtrack.

Been good. Exercising lots. Eating lightly. Reading muchly. Drinking not muchly. Wrote a song or two. Had songs reviewed as "boring" by mean sister. I think i'm gonna stop asking her. I liked those songs.

Next weekend will be spent at Gerroa on the south coast at Rhys's family holiday house before he sets off to France for the year. Should be good times. I need to make him a mix cd before he leaves. Must include The Dresden Dolls coin-operated boy and something by The Presets. What else I don't know... trashy, give me something trashy.
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