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Last Friday saw Expatriate, The Winters and The Glass Age @ the Hopetoun, and also the good bizza. All bands were good - a very satisfactory night all round, and I particularly liked Expatriate, who are 2 parts Talking Heads to one part Interpol... and let's face it, Interpol are at least 1/3 Talking Heads themselves.

I enjoyed them so much that I might even go to see them again this Fri playing @ Spectrum with The Presets (who i've been hanging out to see a 2nd time for ages).

and then...

Monday night is Shins night!!!

Just finished reading Trilby by George Du Maurier, which I quite enjoyed, even though about a 1/4 of it was in French. Damn, where's Rhy's when you need him. Oh, in France, ok. Well, what good is my personal French translator to me when his in France!

Wha' eva.
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