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My oh my, where to start?

Fun stuffs i've done lately

* Tim (Reid) @ The Vanguard with Tim (bizza). Reid is an absolute must-listen for any Crowded House fan. You just cant go past such masterful melodies as his. Well discovered bizza!!!

* The Shins @ The Metro. Rollicking good night! The boys from Dappled are well and truly back to their best. Daves new guitar was nuts. Practically Sci-fi! The Shins were tray fantastic, but I do suspect there are better performances in them. Lotsa kool kids in the audience like bizza, Amy & Nelson and even Murray from The Wiggles, as spotted by Liz!!!

* Kareoke on Tuesday night. Lianne and I did Crocodile Rock and totally aced it. Be afraid. We got the x-factor.

* Thursday I went to the city and met up with a boy that I met at Melanie's party. He's called Mark and he makes films and he's very nice. We had Italian for lunch, went to that big Japanese bookstore & JB Hi-fi and then went for a walk in the Botanic Gardens and a little peek around at the MCA.

* The 2nd Annual Girly Weekender, held before Lianne heads back up to Coffs Harbour for uni. Saturday we went to the races at Randwick. Won money, lost money and learnt never to trust Jarbs and her form guide!

Sat night we invented a new cocktail, named The Cameltoe (don't ask). Ingredients: Baileys, frangelico & Malibu with lashings of caramel sauce and topped with Milo. Bbbrrrrr!

Sunday we went to the ING Cup match @ the SCG, NSW vs VIC. There was a time when Lianne, Jarbs and I would spend nearly every weekend at the SCG, listening to 12th Man cds and playing cricket groupies. Thankfully, we've out-grown that phase (almost) and were able to go along and enjoy the game for its own merits. We all have new nicknames though. I'm Kato, Lianne is Hads, Jarbara Bones is Clarkey, Leah is Thorno (she always gets stuck with the red-heads) and Lee is Lee Lee, or Binger. Named after our future husbands of course.

* Rufus Wainwright @ The Basement on Monday. Brilliant, brilliant! Rufus is such a terrific, charming performer and the intimate setting was just lovely. When he played his version of "hallalujah" I had tears in my eyes. It was just gorgeous. I don't think any of his recordings have been able to quite capture just how marvelous his voice is. The show left me glad all over!

Oh, sorry, am i gushing?
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