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Hey! So i'm still alive! it's kinda hard to know where to start...... these last few weeks have been CA-RAZY!

I think were i left off might have been around the time that I went a-visiting to see Tim (of.... wait for it.... bizza fame)in order to play him a couple of my songs and to hear him play a couple of his songs. He was able to give me some really wise advice and inspiration and I think my songwriting will be all the better for it (once I actually get the chance to do some more work).

And Tim, well he should really think about getting out an album or three already. He has some top quality songs with great lyrics and bop-a-bility and it was delightful to hear him play!

As for my Rufus Wainwright acceptance scheme.......... well it appears to be working : )

Forward...... My 21st Birthday party!!!

Was lovely, fun, only mildy embarassing (read: drunken aunty reciting impromptu poetry in my honour). Felt very warm and fuzzy and loved and stuff. Lotsa cool pressies including a digital camera with which I'm sure to be bombarding my journal with images as soon as I can be bothered to load all the software onto my computer.

Forward...... 1st day back at uni/actual birthday/kareoke

Forward...... BRYAN ADAMS @ the ent cent with special guest Shannon Noll.

Noll was painful. He actually said "That's what ooiim tawkin' about". Thank god we only got there to here the last few songs of his set. Painful.

Bryan Adams on the other hand... ROCK FREAKIN GOD. I was so excited about this gig and was expecting to be disapointed, but good ol' Adams is such a solid performer and his songs have so much nostalgic value.... twas a great night!

Well I think that's enough for one entry... you'll have to sit tight and wait til next time to hear about Lianne's Birthday Party Scandal!!!!!!!!!!
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