handclaps and interjections (happy_secret) wrote,
handclaps and interjections

Hey hey!

I had to wait so long in the line for this computer and technically I have only 20 mins, but screw that, I waited longer. I have no more classes for today and I'm waiting for my golf lesson to start at 4:30. Fun fun. Then I have to go home and pack my bag and it's off to Coff's Harbour for the long weekend.

Goodness was seeing the Black Keys at the Metro with Liz and Jakey (who are making me cry now because I'm not doing the Ben Folds/Bright Eyes double header weekend with them). Tres, Tres awesome! The Black Keys have to be one of the best live bands in ever! All my photo's turned out crap, but Jakey got some really good ones which he is supposed to be sending me.... anytime now!
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