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Well, my lj has been pretty much defunct for the best part of this yr, but seeing as a whole lot seems to be happening I thought I might chance an update. So...

I move out on the weekend. Can you believe, finally? All my life is packed up in boxes and i've been suprisingly unsentimental about the whole thing. I guess it has something to do with me only moving about a 10 min drive away so it's not like it's a huge upheaval or anything. Going Ikea shopping this arvo, which should be an adventure...

Another happening worth mentioning is my new boy. He's a philosophy buddy of mine who came along to a gig at the sandringham in which Tim (The Reservations/Sliced Bread/bizza played some of his fine songs. I got all brave and said "I like ya" and he said "I like ya too"... so yeah! We spent all conception day together, getting rained on, witty t-shirt spotting and enjoying the sounds of switchkicker and Bagster. Smile.

I think I might have gotten one of the very last tickets to Homebake and I can't begin to describe how excited I am about Tim and Neil Finn playing!!! I must say though, I'm not all that impressed that they've gone and made an all-girl cover cd of their songs without me. I would have expected at least a phone call or something :p

Anyway, I'm off to think of my "claim to fame" in order to win those Franz Ferdi in NY tix off Jay and the Dr!

til text time...
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