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Eurovision, Eurovision, Eurovision... what can I say?

Poland put on a truly dismal performance and didn't make it through to the final and have given me plenty of ammo to use against "The Polish Contingent" otherwise known as Jacob, J9 and their league of Polish friends. As my sisters friend Anja the Croatian so eloquently said in an sms during their performance, "Just be glad your not fucking Polish. Fucking freaks."

Hungary were in the final for the 1st time in like, forever and while the song was pretty much classic eurovision (ie. awful), the folk dancing was really quite impressive. We got into the top 14, which means we get automatic entry for next year, so I'm holding high hopes for the future.

Moldova should have won it, I say! It was just so god damn weird that it was really quite unsettling in a postmodern kind of way. And they has a drum playing granny! Tell me, what is cooler than a drum playing granny???

Managed to catch Darren Hanlon, Sodastream and Jens Lekman (in keeping with the eurotrash theme) on the weekend, which was great. Jens lekman's charming brand of anecdotal pop, is remarkably similar to Darrens, though slightly more Swedish and ukulele-based. Daz was thoroughly adoptable and musically wonderful as always and I was almost tempted to receive communion yesterday, just so that I could say "Can I have mine with butter please?" after a very cute story that he told about is days as an alter boy.
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